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Just a note FYI......   We are currently updating the Website.  Our Photo Booth Downloads and Orders will remain working by using the links above we just installed - Or clicking on the folders below.  The other links are all being moved around so that we can include portfolios of our finished and updated work.  

Latest News: Ionia Daddy Daughter Dance is now Uploaded. There are TWO folders, to check out. One for free strip download and the other for Collectible Prints and Keepsakes....


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  • IMG_0072 - Copy
  • IMG_0124 - Copy
  • IMG_0008_2 - Copy
  • IMG_0218 - Copy and are all serviced by McNeilly Photography Studio in Grand Ledge Mich. We built these cool Photo booths with the idea that we will service the greater Lansing, MI area and beyond. There is a huge difference in our High Quality Images, Guest choices and product which has truly crated a unique booth. As a result, this has also created demand for us to travel. Look at the quality, the difference is clear.... We believe it is worth it - even if you have to import us....

The  variety of choices, quality, lighting,  and product is exciting and fresh.  If you are going to do this, you might as well choose quality for your special events.  We now are able to provide print and Keepsake items optionally from your event.  Whether you choose our cruise or portrait themes, you have the option to order larger keepsakes.     This means individual larger prints, photo mugs, metallic prints, luggage tags etc.... This is a unique new service offered by McNeilly Photography Studio in Grand Ledge, Michigan.

  Our Wedding Booths for a limited time are including a Unique 20 x 24 Keepsake collage print made from the photos taken in the photobooth.  We offer up to 18 guest selectable themed photo strips so they won't all look the same.  We are Definitely not one of those bundled DJ booths.  

  For over 30 years we have served the greater Lansing, Michigan area with quality professional photography. With my Photography Degree and the determination to provide the best possible results we built our own photo booth.    We are proud to show our events for comparison.   With over 18 backgrounds for guests to choose from, we know this really  is sure to be a hit.  Guests love the keepsake photo and will be thanking you for a long time after the party is done.

     While our competitors  all seem to claim to be the best - I would simply ask you to compare. Look at the images - there is a huge difference - Even if they can't see it. We are betting you can.

     We aren't a home based operation. We are professional studio having served over 30 years in a commercial building in downtown Grand Ledge, MI.  We have earned over 16 Photographic Awards and our photographer actually has earned a Photographic Degree.    This gives you the confidence that an actual established business location brings as well as the option to call and set up an appointment to experience our Photo booth in our Studio Lobby.  We are excited with the opportunity to be able to enhance your event and make some memories.

      In addition, this is our current site that is currently being improved  to showcase Portrait Previews for our clients as well as Our New Art Collection Wall Prints from James T. McNeilly. Print Ordering can be accomplished on new photo booth events.  Photobooth pricing.   For more details and pricing information feel free to visit our    Currently The Artwork is being categorized and prepped for viewing and purchase. Feel free to visit our   For more details and pricing information. 

Also note that we are now able to offer finished images and Keepsakes such as coffee mugs from the individual items.  Newer events will have 2 folders to look through.  One folder will contain the free downloadable photostrips and the other will contain individual photos with varied backgrounds for you to select from for purchase of custom keepsakes.  There is typically MANY images to sort through to find the ones of interest to you.  By registering you are able to mark your fav's and it will remember these for you.  The images are better than most photo booths out there and the variety is amazing.  We hope you enjoy your visit and are able to find something especially unique  for a gift or perhaps just to remember your day. 

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